Course Description

Multiple Sclerosis is a complex, multifaceted disease with many possible outcomes. Nutrition should never be considered an alternative, but rather an integral part of any health protocol. Taking a holistic, nutritional approach to managing MS involves addressing the body as a whole in order to modulate the immune system and stop your body from initiating an autoimmune attack against itself.

Whether you’re recently diagnosed, or your condition has progressed to advanced stages, it’s never too late to start incorporating healthy diet and lifestyle habits. The sooner you can start making certain changes to your diet the better, in order to prevent permanent scarring, further demyelination and more severe complications down the road.

Goals of This Program

• To address the underlying cause of why the body initiates an autoimmune attack
• To reduce systemic inflammation
• To uncover possible food sensitivities and intolerances which might be acting as symptom triggers
• To address and correct nutritional deficiencies
• To supply the body with the nutrients required to protect and repair myelin, strengthen the blood-brain-barrier and support neural health
• To cleanse the body of toxins in a safe and gentle manner
• To promote overall well-being and balance all systems of the body
• To educate, motivate and inspire you to pursue the best health possible, regardless of your MS diagnosis

Never let any medical diagnosis stop you from pursuing the best health possible!

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Chantale Michaud

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, my mission is to help you achieve optimal health and vitality. I do this by encouraging you to pursue the best health possible regardless of your age or current state of health, and by advocating the importance of following a natural, whole foods diet.Over the years I have come to appreciate the complex link between body, mind and spirit and the profound connection these influences have on our health. Mainstream medicine does not emphasize the connection between poor digestive health, lack of nutrition and many of the common health problems people face.My goal is to help educate, motivate and give guidance to those who are dedicated to discovering their own personal path to vibrant health.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here!

    • Legal Disclaimer

    • How to Follow This Program

    • The Best Diet For MS

    • My MS Story

  • 2

    MODULE 1: Multiple Sclerosis and the Leaky Gut Connection (5 Videos)

    • Lesson 1: Autoimmunity and Gut Health

    • Lesson 2: Causes and Symptoms of Leaky Gut

    • Lesson 3: Tips to Improve Digestion

    • 12 Tips to Improve Digestion - Printable Document

    • Lesson 4: How to Heal Leaky Gut

    • Lesson 5: Gut Saving Supplements

    • Gut Saving Supplements - Printable Document

  • 3

    MODULE 2: Autoimmunity & Candida Overgrowth (2 Videos)

    • Lesson 6: How Candida Affects MS

    • Lesson 7: 5 Step Candida Protocol

  • 4

    MODULE 3: Good Health Starts With Great Digestion and Elimination (7 Videos)

    • Lesson 8: Stomach Acid and Heartburn

    • Lesson 9: What Your Bowel Transit Time Says About Your Health

    • Stool Analysis Chart

    • Lesson 10: The Importance of Fiber

    • Lesson 11: Tips to Relieve Constipation

    • Lesson 12: Tips to Relieve Loose Stools

    • Lesson 13: The Importance of Staying Hydrated

    • Lesson 14: Bowel Friendly Fats

  • 5

    MODULE 4: How to Follow an Anti-inflammatory Diet (3 Videos)

    • Lesson 15: Putting Out the Fires of Inflammation

    • Lesson 16: What to Eat to Beat Inflammation

    • Anti-inflammatory/Pro-inflammatory Foods - Printable Document

    • Lesson 17: How to Follow a Whole Foods Diet

    • Making the Whole Food Switch - Printable Document

  • 6

    MODULE 5: Food Intolerances and Allergies (4 Videos)

    • Lesson 18: How Food Allergies and Intolerances Affect MS

    • Lesson 19: How to Detect Food Intolerances

    • Elimination Diet: Printable Document

    • Lesson 20: Elimination Diet Mistakes

    • Lesson 21: A Closer Look at Gluten

    • Scientific Sources on Gluten

  • 7

    MODULE 6: Brain Health (2 Videos)

    • Lesson 22: How to Keep Your Brain as Healthy as Possible

    • Lesson 23: How to Improve Memory and Cognition

  • 8

    MODULE 7: Repairing the Myelin Sheath (2 Videos)

    • Lesson 24: Remastering Your Myelin

    • Lesson 25: 18 ways to Support Myelin

  • 9

    MODULE 8: Nutritional Deficiencies (10 Lessons)

    • Lesson 26: Your Whole Food Prescription

    • Lesson 27: Protein

    • Lesson 28: Calcium

    • Lesson 29: Magnesium

    • Lesson 30: Potassium

    • Lesson 31: Vitamin D

    • Lesson 32: Zinc

    • Lesson 33:B12

    • Lesson 34: Iron

    • Lesson 35: B-Vitamin Guide

  • 10

    MODULE 9: Supporting Natural Detoxification (5 Lessons)

    • Lesson 36: What Is a Detox And Why We Should Care!

    • Lesson 37: Toxicity Self Assessment

    • Less Toxic Products

    • Lesson 38: Love Your Liver

    • Lesson 39: Tips To Support The Liver

    • Lesson 40: Glutathione - The Master Antioxidant!

    • Sources

  • 11

    MODULE 10: Rest and Repair (1 Lesson)

    • Lesson 41: The Importance of Restorative Sleep

  • 12

    MODULE 11: Stress Management (1 Lesson)

    • Lesson 42: Natural Stress Management

  • 13

    MODULE 12: Maintaining a Healthy Weight (9 Lessons)

    • Lesson 43: Weight Management

    • Lesson 44: Metabolism Destroyer #1: Negative Self-Talk

    • Lesson 45: Metabolism Destroyer #2: Chronic Stress

    • Lesson 46: Metabolism Destroyer #3: Hormone Imbalance

    • Lesson 47: Metabolism Destroyer #4: Chronic Inflammation

    • Lesson 48: Metabolism Destroyer #5: Not Knowing Your BMR

    • Lesson 49: Metabolism Destroyer #6: Eating Too Many Refined Sugars and Carbohydrates

    • Lesson 50: Metabolism Destroyer #7: Low Thyroid Function

    • Lesson 51: Metabolism Destroyer #8: Inactivity

  • 14

    MODULE 13: Symptom Relief (5 Videos)

    • Lesson 52: What to do During a Relapse

    • Lesson 53: Nerve Pain

    • Lesson 54: Headaches

    • Lesson 55: Muscle Spasticity

    • Lesson 56: Beating MS Fatigue

    • Lesson 57: Symptom Relief Cheat Sheet


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jen h

Thank you for offering all this information. It's what I need to finally take control over my health. Rummaging through the internet can be so confusing, but...

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Thank you for offering all this information. It's what I need to finally take control over my health. Rummaging through the internet can be so confusing, but this is put together in such as easy to follow and understand way.

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